Creativity Boost Sessions

Join me for a Creativity Boost Session in my Midtown Houston studio on Friday afternoons.

In one hour you can have fun, remove stress, & jumpstart your weekend relaxation. The big benefit is that your creative right brain explores solutions to your life & business problems while you are having a wonderful weekend. You return to your work-life on Monday feeling rejuvenated & better able to deal with challenges. Solutions appear almost magically. You are more effective and less stressed.

If you want to explore this unique opportunity, call me at 281-330-3827 to reserve your spot.

I am located on the rail line at the McGowen station…super convenient if you work in the Medical Center, Museum District, downtown or anywhere in between. You can slip away from the office. reduce your stress and boost your creativity in one short hour and a quick rail trip each way. Hour and a half away and increased effectiveness for the rest of the day. Or slip away and start your weekend early. 

If you are a healing professional, please consider whether you are taking care of yourself. Experiencing stress? Consider experiening your own creativity in a working artist”s creative space.

If you are in outside sales, you know that Friday afternoons are a bust…turn them into a creativity boost for better insight into improving your results.

The first session starts at 12. You can be back in the office by 1:15. Or pick the time that works for you.

 Call me to reserve your spot. Hourly on Friday afternoons.
Ann Bell

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