Virtual Venice Painting Workshop

Have you dreamed of a trip to Venice? Or maybe you’re remembering a trip to Venice.

While I was in Venice, I fell in LOVE with Venice. I couldn’t see enough. I wish I could take you there with me. Since I can’t, I’ve done the next best thing:

My Virtual Venice Online Painting Workshop.

If you decide to join me, you will receive  

  • videos to watch me paint at least 3 paintings, with step by step explanations as I demonstrate  
  • a generous stack of my photos (at least 25 4” x 6” real photos)
  • sketches and photos of the scenes I’m painting for you
  • a short video clip (not edited or narrated) that I filmed in Venice of boats, gondolas & sounds
  • another video I’ve made from my photos (edited & narrated) to give you the feeling of actually being in Venice

The last 2 videos mentioned above will give you a feeling of being in Venice. You’ll receive these last 2 in your first lesson to get you in the Venice mood. I don’t count them in any video time I mention. They are a bonus.

Remember, I’m calling this online workshop “Virtual Venice Online Painting Workshop,” so I want to give you a “taste” of Venice in addition to the instruction.

If you want to see the photos you’ll receive, watch the video farther down on this page.

I’ll demonstrate each of these in a separate painting

a window with textured wall,

  • a window with textured wall
  • a water scene
  • a bridge scene.

I’ll send you my 3 sketches & reference photos. You can paint the same scenes or you can choose different versions of similar subjects from the package of photos I send you.

You will be able to work from these same photos and watch the videos again and again. The videos will be available for at least a year. The photos are yours to keep and use as inspiration for your own work.

***By signing up for this class, you are promising me that you will not give, share, or sell the photos and you will not share the links to the videos. All are copyrighted by me. I’ve made them for the exclusive use of my students.***

This online class will begin on July 21.

The lessons come to you each week as an email with links to the video (or videos) for the lesson. Each painting will be covered in 2 lessons. Each painting will be at least one hour of instruction. So the 3 paintings will be at least 3 hours of video. You will be able to replay any section of any video if you want to watch just that part again. Or you can watch the entire video again, as many times as you want.

You will not be able to download the videos.

If you can watch any online videos, you will be able to watch these, whether you use a pc or a mac. The videos are hosted on I protected them with a password. For your convenience, I use the same password on all of them AND I include it in every class email.

The only people who can see these videos are those who have the link and the password.

If you already know you want this, use the button below to join the creative fun!

If the button doesn’t work, and you are using Internet Explorer, please try a different browser.

This is an 8 week online class. You can watch it at your computer, wherever you are in the world.

Week 1: Get ready. You’ll receive the 2 mood videos and your supply list. I’ll keep the supplies simple. 5 tubes of acrylic paint, painting medium, paper or canvas to paint on, a few brushes. It won’t cost a fortune. If you already have supplies, you can use what you have, but the colors I suggest make it easier to capture the feel of Venice with its beautiful aged colors.

Week 2: Get started. In this lesson, you’ll learn

  • How to design a painting from a photo
  • How to size your design to fit your paper or canvas
  • How to transfer your design to your painting surface
  • How to mix the soft, aged colors of Venice

 Weeks 3 & 4: You’ll learn how to paint a wonderful window, in a crumbling adobe wall with underlying brick visible where the adobe has crumbled, and clouds reflected in the window.

Weeks 5 & 6: You’ll learn to paint the water in a quiet Venetian canal, with the enclosing walls and a boat…and of course the reflections. You’ll watch step by step as I paint and explain.

Weeks 7 & 8: You’ll learn to paint a bridge in its environment. Every place where a walkway crosses a canal, there is a bridge. So Venice, city of islands & water, contains hundreds of bridges. Each one is different. We’ll paint an easy bridge with a stone railing. But you could use the same techniques to paint one with wrought iron railings.

The lessons include over 3 hours of instruction, every brushstroke I make, and complete explanation. If you don’t understand something, you can send me an email with your question and I’ll answer you.

If your creative spirit and/or your sense of adventure wants this class, use the buy button below to let yourself in.

Join the creative fun!

       “Seeing Double”

       Windows may seem alike, but even those used as pairs may be different.

Join me for a Virtual Painting Workshop in Venice. This video will give you a taste of Venice. The videos in the class will show you my hands as I paint from some of the sketches. I’ll send you photos and copies of my sketches…in case you want to work with me…or do your own. These goodies are for your use only. Not to share or resell!

You’ll receive one lesson each week. I’ll demonstrate at least 3 paintings from start to finish.

Venice is an artist’s dream. Wonderful colors, rich textures, beauty every place you look.

I’ve just returned from Venice. I walked, looked, imagined, and took thousands of photographs and a few videos.

In my new class, I share this visual wealth and do my best to  give you the feeling of actually being there, while helping you build your painting skills.

I’ll share my photos. I’ll send actual photos and copies of a few sketches for you to use in your paintings as you watch the class videos and practice what you are learning.

I’ll provide enough info in the videos that you can enjoy and learn to paint, even if you’ve never painted anything before. And I’ll make it content rich so you’ll learn new  techniques, even if you’ve painted for years.

Your investment in all these goodies is just $85. If you sign up now, I’ll share the special papers that I brought back from Venice…while supplies last. When they are gone, I’ll remove the offer.

If this class is calling to you, join in the creative fun by clicking the button below & checking out through PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account.

Registration is open now.

Class begins on July 21. I’ll share photos and short videos from my trip in this class, to give you a taste of what Venice looks and feels like.

It is like noplace else in the world. There are no new buildings, no trains, no modern streets.

People walk. Boats on the Grande Canal provide transportation.

Everything in this venerable city is being preserved as much as possible against the ravages of time, the water, tourists, and the sun. The colors are amazing. Soft…aged…beautiful…like they grew out of the land, or rose from the water, and were kissed by the sun.

I’ve dreamed of visiting Venice for many years.

I began painting Venice from my imagination about 8 years ago.

Maybe you will get to visit Venice also.

In the meantime, I’ll do my best to give you the flavor of Venice as I teach you to paint the colors and textures, the endless variety of windows, the gondolas, the water, and the bridges of this magical city.

If this sounds like what you want, use the PayPal button below to register & pay for your space.
You do NOT need a PayPal account.

If you want a class that you can begin today, check out my other classes.

To inspire you to sign up now, I will share the collage papers I bought while I was in Venice with you if you sign up before they are all gone. These papers are replicas of antique Italian papers. I looked diligently to find them. I searched in dozens of stores, but I only found them in one place.   When they are gone, I won’t be able to get more. They’re only available in Venice. So if you see this offer, you can still get these papers. But if you wait and come back later, they could be gone. And then the offer would be removed from this page.

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Ann Bell
PS. You’ll be able to use the painting techniques you learn in this class when you want to paint windows, the texture of old walls, boats, water reflections, and bridges from your travels or perhaps even in your own town.

These techniques are not limited to painting Venice. Venice is simply the handy, fun reason I decided to teach them now.

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