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Mesmerize with a Magical Glow Workshop:
How to Use Metallic & Inteference Paints
Saturday, July 23, 2011, 10 AM - 2:30 PM.

Online Registration via Paypal. Register Button is near bottom of page.

If you are an artist...or an aspiring artist...this day in my studio is designed just for you!
You'll learn new techniques, rejuvenate your creative spirit and have lots of creative FUN.

I'll provide all supplies. Or you can bring what you like to use and experiment with mine.

I'll share acrylic paint, paper, and a wide variety of metallic and interference paints.
These paints can give wonderful effects, unlike anything else.

But if you don't know HOW to use them, you get less impact than ordinary colors.

CedarMoon_AnnBell72Interference.JPG (169851 bytes)

"Cedar Moon" ©Ann Bell 2010

When I began this painting, I worked on top of a landscape
that was bland & boring. I was tired of looking at it.
I had a marvelous time creating my Mesmerizing Masterpiece. I just LOVE it!

What do you think? Do you want to bring your own landscape
painting & turn it into YOUR Mesmerizing Masterpiece?
You will have a 4 foot table to work on.

See MORE SAMPLES at bottom of page.

Cedar Moon, one of my newest painting, illustrates the captivating effects that can be created with metallic paint and inteference paint, used together,
but NOT mixed together.

The effect is mesmerizing. I will share my secrets & my techniques.

You can paint your own magical painting. 
A simple scene...from a dream or your imagination...can be your starting point.

Keep it simple and let the paint work its magic.

You'll leave with your own masterpiece.

This is NOT a class where everybody ends up with the same painting.

If you are a beginning painter...or you don't have any ideas...
I'll help you.

Once you start, you'll get so involved that you'll be in creative flow.

And you'll create your own Mesmerizing Masterpiece.

I'm looking forward to seeing it.



Join me for a day of creative play. I will demonstrate at the beginning.
I'll answer questions & provide help as needed. You'll paint, experiment & learn.

Learn how to work metallic & interference pigments.

Saturday, July 23, 2011, 10 AM - 2:30 PM

Workshop: For all levels from beginner to advanced.

Instructor: ANN BELL                281-330-3827

Where: Ann’s Studio at 2711 Main St. in Midtown Houston

  • Small class…5 student maximum

  • $85 including supplies

Learn to achieve wonderful effects with metallic & inteference acrylic pigments.

If you are a painter, you may even have purchased some of these paints & been disappointed.

They don't work the same way as ordinary paints.
If you use them in the same way, they give bland results.
You can "spectacularize" the results & make them mesmerizing IF you know how.
Learn how in THIS workshop.

You'll be surprised at what you can do. And you'll have so much fun.

A day in my studio is more than's a creative experience you will cherish.
You'll connect with your artistic spirit & begin to FEEL like an artist.

Click here to see what others have said about my classes. Link opens in a new window.

Whether you are an experienced painter or a beginner,
this creative experience is available to you if you open yourself to the possibility.

This class is helpful to all painters--from beginner to expert. BECAUSE:

  • I design my classes to be fun, suitable & useful for both beginners & advanced artists by
    beginning with clear, simple demonstration, stimulating the imagination with examples,
    inspiring everyone to work in new ways.

  • I provide individual help as each person wants it. Small class size allows this personal attention.

  • I provide all materials used in my classes, so everyone has access to the paints, mediums & all other supplies without needing to buy everything. This encourages experimentation with new supplies & new ways of working.

  • Playing with new materials, new ideas & new ways of working is a powerful stimulant for creativity.

Regardless of your level of art experience,
you will enjoy a day with me in my glorious light-filled studio. 

Click here to see what others have said about my classes. Link opens in a new window.

I'll share my techniques: You'll learn, by actually doing:

Step-by-step demonstration & explanation will get you started.

Then you'll paint, with lots of individual attention from me...IF you want it.

I'll share my wondrous, light-filled studio, the music that inspires me, and my supplies.

I make this so simple that you'll have fun and you'll create a beautiful piece of art,
even if you have never painted before..

Demonstrations will be first,
so if you can’t stay the entire day, you will still learn the process.

  • Bring lunch or a snack. I'll have cold bottled water for everyone.

  • Only $85. for the day, including access to my supplies.

  • I'll supply paper for you to paint on.
    If you prefer to paint on canvas, bring your own,
    or you can purchase one in the store when you arrive.

  • You may bring your favorite colors, palette & brushes. Or you can use mine.

  • If you have supplies you depend on, feel free to bring those.
    You don't need to buy anything. And you don't need to bring anything.
    I provide everything.

  • I provide a wide variety of acrylic colors, interference pigments & metallics.

For only $85, you'll have a day of fun and a creative learning experience.
And you'll leave with a painting created ENTIRELY by you.

To reserve your space, call Ann Bell at   281-330-3827.
Or if you prefer, you can use Paypal to register and pay online with your credit card
by clicking the button below and checking out through Paypal.

I am PayPal verified. Official PayPal Seal

My studio is small and class size is limited. If your plans change, and you want me
to move your registration to a different class, please notify me by phone at least 24 hours in advance
of the class to release your reserved space to another student.

If you simply do not show up, you will have "used" your reservation.

Or email artist@AnnBell                   Tell a friend about this class!

Houston artist Ann Bell is a painter whose tranquil landscapes encourage a closer connection with nature.
Bell has a wealth of tools and techniques available to filter though her own experience and vision,
enabling her to create memorably unique paintings. She has been a full-time professional artist for over 30 years,
showing and selling her paintings through galleries, juried shows, festivals, and her own studio.
Her work can be found in private collections throughout the United States and worldwide
She is the author of the forthcoming book 101 Ways to Increase Your Creativity, Reduce Your Stress & Have More Fun.

“You'll enjoy playing with new materials, knowing that help is as close as your side. Ask & I'll tell or show you.
But I won't paint on your painting. You'll leave with a piece created totally by you.
The day in my creative studio will be an experience you'll treasure. And I'll share my secrets AND my stash.
I hope you'll join me for this FUN class.”  ~Ann Bell

If this date doesn’t fit your schedule, or if it has passed when you find this information, please contact me for the next class date.

Or email artist@AnnBell

AnnBell_AuroraBorealis_web.JPG (121537 bytes)

"Aurora Borealis" uses several colors inteference paint.

I think this treatment lends a magical effect to the work.

AnnBell_Reflections_6in_WEB.JPG (62120 bytes)

"Reflections" uses several colors inteference paint and gold metallic paint.





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