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Join My VIP list to receive monthly news of my Open Studios, shows or classes.

My studio is a working studio. I create my own paintings and I teach my students. Several times a year I tidy up, put supplies away and welcome visitors to connect with me and see my paintings. I announce these special days to my VIP list in my monthly news and on this page.

My studio will be open to visitors on Saturday, April 12, 2014, noon til 5 pm.

I hope you will join me.

If you wish to visit at a different time, please phone me for an appointment. I welcome art collectors, designers & their clients, and individuals who want peaceful, inspiring original art to soothe their soul, enhance their environment and send a possitive message into the world about the importance of human individuality and creativity.

I am willing to do custom work.

If you want to select art for your home, office or a gift, please call me or email me to arrange your appointment to visit. You will see my original paintings, in a variety of sizes, plus hand made collage cards and my new audio CD  101 Ways to Increase Your Creativity, Reduce Your Stress & Have More Fun .

Gift Certificates are also available.

My studio is a working studio, not a gallery. The walls display my paintings. The space is in creative disarray, as I paint almost daily. I teach classes & private lessons regularly. Visitors usually feel that the creative atmosphere adds to the experience.

If you want to be notified of my events & classes, please sign up

Join My VIP list to receive monthly news of my Open Studios, shows or classes.

An OPEN STUDIO is the same thing as an OPEN HOUSE. My open studio gives you the opportunity to see the glorious light-filled space where I work. And I would love to visit with you.



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The map should give you a good idea of my studio location.

The colored circle marks Art Supply's location. The building is on the east side of Main at the corner of Main at Dennis, between Main and Fannin. Dennis does not cross Main because of the rail.

Signs are hard to see. Please take my phone number with you and call me if you need more directions. 281-330-3827.

On Open Studio days, I am open during the offered hours.

On any OTHER day, PLEASE make an appointment to visit.

Please park in the Art Supply parking lot and enter the store.
Tell someone you are there to see me.
They will direct you to my studio.

Rail prevents turning across Main, so if you are coming from the south, Main is good. Make a right turn on Dennis, 5 blocks after Elgin. Then turn right again into the Art Supply parking lot.

If you are coming through downtown, it's best to be on Fannin.
Go through lights at Gray, Webster & McGowen. Turn right at the next corner (Dennis) and left into the Art Supply lot. (The Greensheet is on the right.)


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