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My Etsy store This shopping site features handmade and vintage items for sale by individual artisans. I offer my miniature paintings, collage cards, boxes of cards with my paintings on the front--blank inside for your special message--and audio CD's from my Business of Art classes.

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How to Increase Your Creativity, Reduce Your Stress & Have More Fun

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Business of Art Class in Houston This course was developed by Ann Bell, from over 30 years of experience showing & selling her art. Topics are websites & traffic to them, pricing, and publicity. The words and specific action steps are customized for artists, but the information is applicable to any individual attempting to market their personal product or service. Writers, crafters, and work-at-home moms who have developed a product for other moms can benefit from the information in this class.

Business of Art Home Study Course The same material and focus as the Houston class. Format is workbook and CDs, to enable those who cannot attend in person to benefit from the information.

Mitch Cohen actively supports artists in Houston. Thank you, Mitch!
Visit his sites to see what he is doing to help artists and to spread the word about wonderful art in Houston. This is the wonderful show Mitch started years ago. WIVLA brings together visual artists from multiple disciplines and writers of all types in a special, vibrant atmosphere.  At WIVLA meetings, the members' creative energy and excitement is unmistakable.  Those who attend quickly appreciate that WIVLA members encourage and nurture one another, reveling in the accomplishments of all.
I consider this group the most valuable connection for women artists and writers.

Are You Creative? An article by Ann Bell. You can read it on my blog or click on link to get printable version.
or here to read it as a web page.

I will soon be offering cards & small paintings for sale through E_JUNKIE.
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