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Saturday, March 22, 10 AM - 2:30 PM
Join me for creative play.

Learn how to work VISUAL MAGIC WITH MIXED MEDIA (See samples at bottom of this page.)

Instructor: ANN BELL                281-330-3827

Where: in Ann’s Studio at 2711 Main St. in Midtown Houston

If you are a high school or middle school art teacher, you will be able to use this material in your classroom. You also may be able to get CEU credit for the class. Check with your supervisor.

  • Live classes are small.

  • Lots of personal attention.

  • You'll work at your own table.

Learn to make beautiful mixed-media paintings using materials you might have always wanted to try.
If you have supplies you want to learn how to use, I'll will help you use them.


Learn how to design beautiful pieces of art by playing with the materials.
The BEST art comes from CREATIVE PLAY!!!

See why I'm excited about Mixed Media. Just watch this video clip from my online Mixed Media Class.This page is for the class in my Houston studio. If you want the ONLINE class, go here.


Visit the classes page to see current dates for all my studio classes.
Online classes are listed below the live classes.

You'll see with fresh eyes, create with new materials, and stretch your boundaries.

You'll be surprised at what you can do. And you'll have so much fun.

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BREAK OUT OF THE MOLD. Try totally new materials & techniques. Explore oil pastels & colored pencils.

Whether you are an experienced painter or a beginner, you will have FUN and LEARN.
You'll leave with a bag of NEW tricks for your creative play.

I design my classes to be fun, suitable and useful for both beginners and advanced artists.

How can this be?

Classes are fun because everyone is inspired to create with new ideas and new supplies.

Classes are useful because everyone will learn some new techniques and/or applications.

Each person works at her own speed, confident questions can be answered as they arise.

Classes are suitable for beginners because I demonstrate and explain simple steps.

Classes are suitable for more advanced painters

  • Because I share all of my supplies. Some may be new to you.
  • Because working in a new environment interrupts old patterns.
  • Because you will find your own way of interpreting what you learn.
  • Because your soul will thank you for a new dose of artistic inspiration.

Regardless of your level of art experience, I hope you will treat yourself to a class with me in my glorious light-filled studio. 

Click here to see what others have said about my classes. Link opens in a new window.

I'll share my techniques: You'll learn, by actually doing:

  • To collage all types of diverse elements for texture, imagery & interest.

  • to arrange elements in the most beautiful, balanced, meaningful way

  • to add variety and linear interest with colored pencils and oil pastels

  • to alter colors, so diverse pieces co-ordinate & look like they belong

  • to include buttons, keys, ribbons, lace & other dimensional or non-paper items

  • which paints work best & why

  • which gold & metallic colors look richest

  • best sources for all supplies.

Step-by-step demonstration & explanation will get you started.

Then you'll paint, with lots of individual attention from me...IF you want it.

I'll share my wondrous, light-filled studio, the music that inspires me, my supplies, and my stash of collage & paper treasures.

I make this so simple that you'll have fun and you'll create a beautiful piece of art, even if you have never painted before..

I demonstrate in the morning, so if you can’t stay the entire day, you will still learn the process.

  • Bring a lunch.

  • Only $125. for the day, including access to my supplies.

  • I'll supply paper for you to paint on. If you prefer to paint on canvas, bring your own, or you can purchase one in the store when you arrive.

  • You may bring your favorite colors, palette & brushes. Or you can use mine.

  • If you have supplies you depend on, feel free to bring those. You don't need to buy anything. And you don't need to bring anything. I provide everything.

  • I provide a wide variety of acrylic colors & metallics.

For only $125, you'll have a day of fun and a creative learning experience.

This email came from one of my students, an experienced artist & art teacher, who came for both Creative Collage and Visual Magic with Mixed Media:


Thanks for such a great art experience.  It was such a pleasure to be allowed time to do art.  I'm still reaping the benefits of your 2-day class because I haven't lost my passion or let the weight of the world get in the way of "art time."  I couldn't sleep the other night.  Normally I would toss and turn and just hope to go back to sleep.  This time, I got up, went to my studio and worked on one of the paintings I started in your class.  I worked from 3:30 until 6:00 when I had to stop to get ready for work. I had so much positive energy that day and didn't feel the least bit tired, even though I'd been awake longer than usual.  I credit that energy from the positive influence you had on me and my development as an artist.  I'm getting a flood of ideas for new art pieces every day.  Everywhere I look there are possibilities for pictures as well as things to use in my collages.  I'm overwhelmed at the possibilities and excited beyond words.  I've kept the lid on my creativity for way too long, but being in your class somehow blew the door wide open.   It's hard to put into words, but I'm so grateful that I was able to meet you and benefit from your generosity.
Diane Bellissemo-Jones

Register and pay online with your credit card by clicking the Register button below and checking out through Paypal, even if you don't have a PayPal account. Call me at 281-330-3827 if you have trouble.

I am PayPal verified. Official PayPal Seal

My studio is small and class size is limited. If your plans change, and you want me to move your registration to a different class, please notify me by phone at least 24 hours in advance of the class to release your reserved space to another student.

If you simply do not show up, you will have "used" your reservation.

Houston artist Ann Bell is a painter whose tranquil landscapes encourage a closer connection with nature. Bell has a wealth of tools and techniques available to filter though her own experience and vision, enabling her to create memorably unique paintings. She has been a full-time professional artist for over 30 years, showing and selling her paintings through galleries, juried shows, festivals, and her own studio. Her work can be found in private collections throughout the United States and worldwide. She is the author of the forthcoming book 101 Ways to Increase Your Creativity, Reduce Your Stress & Have More Fun

Jeanne Matthews arranged for me to do a Mixed Media workshop for Conroe Art League in November, 2010. Jeanne  was the chairman of the workshop, which was filled.  She & I have known each other for years.

In the publicity information for the workshop, Jeanne said:

Ann is a very outgoing, pleasant instructor who generously gives a great deal of information  to her students so that they leave the workshop with the knowledge they need to further their creative flow.   For any one who wants to glean great new techniques to add to their repertoire, this will be a great opportunity to do so.  

In February, 2011, I taught The Business of Art workshop for the Conroe Art League. 24 artists registered.

Or email artist@AnnBell                   Tell a friend about this class!


MMSampleTechtonicEnneagram5x7.JPG (120365 bytes)                                               Shout_Collage.JPG (31901 bytes) 
My Mixed Media Original Painting "Techtonic Enneagram"                         "Shout...Unrestrained Joy" Mixed Media Collage including 
                                                                        Painted Paper

“You'll enjoy playing with new materials, knowing that help is as close as your side. Ask & I'll tell or show you.
But I won't paint on your painting. You'll leave with a piece created totally by you.
The day in my creative studio will be an experience you'll treasure. And I'll share my secrets AND my stash.
I hope you'll join me for this FUN class.”  ~Ann Bell

If this date doesn’t fit your schedule, or if it has passed when you find this information, please contact me for the next class date.

Or email artist@AnnBell






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