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Designed & taught by Ann Bell, Artist Marketing Coach

How to Price Your Art to Cover Your Costs, Make a Profit and Still Make Sales
This is a self-study class.

How to Price your Art so You Can Make a Profit: a self-study class consisting of book and audio CD

Do you know what it costs you to produce your art?  

You will learn:

  • How to determine your actual costs
  • How to find the right price for so you can make a profit
  • How to choose the best venues
  • Why you must keep track of your time
  • Who your best prospects are
  • Easy ways to keep your database
  • How & why to hold an Open Studio event

    In my years of showing & selling my art, I have discovered that correct prices are essential.

  • If your prices are too low, you will
    1. work hard
    2. make a lot of art
    3. sell a lot
    4. bring in a lot of money
    5. have no profit for yourself
    6. lessen the perceived VALUE of your art
    7. lower your own prestige

    Artists who sell too cheaply are actually paying people to take their art.
    Do your prices allow you to profit from your talent and work?

    This class will teach you exactly how to determine your perfect prices,

    You’ll learn how to find the right price for your art so you will cover all expenses, including your time.

    Because if you aren’t paid for your time, you’ll need a JOB to get the money to pay your bills.

    You’ll learn how to decide what gallery to approach
    & what to do if you don’t get in.

    You’ll learn other ways to show & sell your art.

    You’ll learn how find potential collectors of your art
    …& how to keep in contact with them and with your collectors.

    I will not tell you that all of this is easy or simple.
    But if you know what to do and you do any part of it,
    you will be far ahead of where you are now.
    You will have a real advantage over artists who do not know what to do.

    I’m the only working artist who is sharing information about selling & pricing art.

    Knowledge is power, but it is elusive and hard to gain, so take advantage of mine.

    Get all your questions about pricing answered.

    This class is an investment in you and your art.
    The price is small. The VALUE is large.

    If you register for this class & pay with Paypal, you will receive written guide book with resources & formulas and the Audio CD.


    You can study this book in the comfort of your own home or studio. Refer to it repeatedly. One step towards better pricing can recover your investment many times over.

    You can play this audio CD in any CD player. Convert wasted drive time or waiting time to a valuable learning experience by listenint to this CD in your car.

    Pricing art is an extremely personal process that most artists ignore. This self-study class allows you to benefit from my years of experience, without scheduling time to attend a physical class in my studio.

    Call Ann Bell at 281-330-3827 to reserve your spot in class

    You can use Paypal to register and pay online by clicking this button and checking out through Paypal.

    The price of this valuable information is only $57. I will mail your package Priority Mail within 48 hours.

    If you are in Texas, Paypal will add Texas sales tax.

    The value of the information you will receive is worth far more than the cost.

    Tell a friend about this class. Just enter your friend's email in the "to" window of the message box that opens and send.

    I offer personal consultations for artists who want help with the business aspects of art. Your inquiry is welcome.

    To bring this class to your arts group, or to have me speak to your group,
    please give my contact information to your group program chairperson.

    How am I qualified to teach this classes?  See my experience.

    A recent class participant, who already had a web site and wanted to learn how to get more visitors to it, emailed me the next day:

    "Ann, I just want to thank you for your training.
    As an instructor of over 10 years, I am especially grateful
    for the special time you dedicated to me and my specifics.
    In Italy we say:   '
    Sei una fonte inesauribile.'
    Literally it means 'you are an endless well' of information.
    Thank you!

    Read what other class participants say about my classes.

    Knowledge is power. Are you ready to get the knowledge you need?

    Knowledge + Inspiration + Action = Success               

    Get the Knowledge you need and take inspired action to achieve your success!

    Are you looking for the best ways to show and sell your art?

    Do you want to  reap the benefits from the years of classes and work you have invested in your art?

    Would you like to increase your level of success?

    Would you like to learn how to promote yourself--to make others aware of you and your art--using the power of the internet AND the power of free publicity?

    In this class I share with you the knowledge I acquired during my years of experience. 

    Are you confused about what to do and how to do it, to make selling your art an income-producing business?

    Don't be stopped by lack of knowledge.
    SMALL improvements can make a BIG DIFFERENCE.
    Learn first-hand what works and what doesn't work.

    Instead of spending time searching for information, and evaluating the credibility of each information source, you can spend 3 hours of your time in this class and get  the information from someone who has figured out what works by actually doing it.

    You will learn the steps to take. Taking just one step can bring you far more income than the small price of the class.

    Then YOU DECIDE which steps (or actions) you want to take first. Choose the ones that feel comfortable to you.  Some of them are so easy that you could already be doing them, if you knew what they were.

    Each step you take helps you feel more confident and increases your success.

    This class provides valuable information for artists at all levels. 
    Learn the essential steps to increasing your visibility and your credibility.
    Take action at your own pace.
    Refer back to the class information whenever you are ready to take another step.
    Everything is clear and easy to understand. Nothing is left to memory

    Sheila Conner,
    Sheila attended my December class.She went home and took action. As a result, she has built an awesome web site.

    Sheila, thank you for sharing. I know you will inspire other artists by sharing your process of working through the overwhelm. When a task feels huge, we each tend to think it is beyond our abilities. But by breaking it down and taking one step at a time, we can complete any task...just like eating that elephant.

    Sheila said:
    "When I took Ann's Business of Art class last December, I felt so intimidated!  After all, I'm an artist, not a business woman.  And there was so much information!  I must admit, I left feeling a little overwhelmed.

    BUT I decided to begin like you do when you eat an elephant--one bite at a time!  I began reading  through the notebook (a BIG help) and doing little things, like getting a URL address. 

    Each time I took a step and succeeded, my confidence rose. 

    The key is to just START. 

    Within a month, I had a web site up and running, business cards and postcards in hand, and now, a photo blog---all because Ann told me I could, and gave me good tools to work with!  If I can do it, anyone can do it!"

    Joy purchased the Workbook & CDs.

    You can benefit from this information, even if you cannot attend the class in person.

    Joy found the originl information so helpful she came to my studio to take  "How to Price your Art for Profit" in June.

    Joy Cottrell

    Joy Cottrell of Spring, Texas, said:
    "I'm listening to your first CD in my car. I just love it. It's clear & easy to hear.
    Thanks to you, I'm convinced I can just do an inexpensive, simple web site---just to show my work.

    Now I know I can and should start with a place to lead people just so they can see my work! And the advice to use my name & .com is invaluable.

    Thank you so much for sharing this down-to-earth information, for sharing your mistakes, & for not sounding high & mighty perfect!! It gives us hope! I've just pretty-well skimmed everything, but I will study & re-read as time permits."








    Ron Stokes attended "How to Get your Artist Web Site" in July.                                "I  have just finished my first reading of your workbook and I just wanted you to know that the emotional result is like one being filled with high octane fuel. The information is so useful and your coaching segments near the end really inspire one to work harder to achieve one's art-art career goals.

    Your workbook strategy works; the information combined with the very useful websites makes your workbook a complete beginners' instrument that one can take and use to complete one's first website.

    Again, thank you for the class and your careful and meaningful instruction."
    Ron Stokes, Angleton

    Would you like to see more comments by artists who attended my classes?

    Read what class participants say about my classes.

    Take advantage of this priceless opportunity to benefit from my experience.

    If you have questions, I will be happy to answer them. Just send me an email or call me.

    If you prefer to contact me by email, click here.

    To purchase the Business of Art Workbook & 4 Audio CDs using Paypal visit
    Art Business Class by Mail

    If you want to purchase one of the Audio CDs from the original Business of Art Class, you will find them by clicking here: Ann's Audio CDs

    ***Individual consultations are available if you  want personal help. We can work in person or by phone.

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