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  One student emailed me this wonderful message after her first class. She gave me permission to print it.

Feel her delight with her new knowledge after only one class.

Dear Ann,

What an exciting and inspiring time we had learning how to paint!
It's not possible to have more fun than we did!
My husband surprised me with a gift certificate to your class for a
private lesson, as an Anniversary gift.
I am a HUGE Monet fan and have always had a strong desire to learn how
to paint and have even taken classes before. However these other
classes had little personal instruction and left me uncertain that I
could really paint anything and I was not really inspired.
So I will be honest while I was excited about this class I was also
What an awesome surprise I got! From the moment we entered your
bright, cheery and cozy studio you made us feel like we could do what
we have always wanted to-Paint something beautiful, and have so much
fun while doing it!
I appreciate your teaching style, you had specific things you taught
us, and you gave us principles that will help us understand how to
paint. You were extremely perceptive of the fact that Dan and I had
totally different styles of creativity and taught us according to that!
You love what you do and your enthusiasm is contagious! It is obvious
that not only are you an extremely talented artist and love it, but
you LOVE to teach it.
Not only did you teach us how to paint, inspire us to keep learning
and making art, but you took the time after class to help us get the
right tools we needed, with out it costing too much. You left us
feeling armed and ready to make our own masterpiece.
Thank you so much for all you put into your classes! I loved it so
much I am giving you the highest recommendation, I am recommending you
to my family and dearest friends!
I can not wait till my second class!!!

Many Thanks,

Rhiannon Muey

Another student who began with private lessons and continues with my one-day classes said:

After four years of art lessons with three different "instructors", I finally found my "teacher."  In seven months, I've taken individual lessons and group classes from Ann. She purposely keeps her classes small; there are beginners like myself and seasoned artists. Amazingly this mix works great and is very comfortable as a beginner.  With her humor and quick wit, Ann's classes are inexpensive and great fun.  

With her patient, kind and encouraging ways Ann and I are peeling back layers of trepidation, doubt and perfectionism.  To my surprise I'm finding freedom, confidence and pure joy in my painting. "When the student is ready the teacher will come." And she has.  
Cheryl Bennett, Sugar Land, Texas  


Steve has been coming to me for private lessons twice monthly.  He also attended my DeMystifying Color class.  I am thrilled with his progress...and so is he.   Read what he says about his experience with me:

The best thing about private lessons with Ann Bell is her ability to integrate spontaneity and art technique, supporting my creative process in a very personal way. Ann takes the time to explain what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Because she does that, I enjoy my painting even more and I continue to see my progress.
Steve Frank
I can't teach you to paint like I do in one lesson or one class...I can't even tell you how long it would take. And I am not attempting to teach anyone to paint like "ME."  But I can encourage you and show you easy things to do so that you can make beautiful art, have fun and reduce your stress while you are building your artistic skills...and learning to paint like "YOU". PLUS I'll make learning to paint fun, because if it isn't fun, you won't continue.

Call me at 281-330-3827 to arrange your first class. Reach for your artistic dream. You can do it. I promise.




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