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An Artist's Guide to Marketing with Twitter

Do you Tweet? How many tweeps do you have? Does this sound like a mysterious new language? Are you being left out? It's not just for kids. The fastest growing group of new users in this fast growing arena is 45-54 year olds. Twitter offers an easy way to connect & build relationships online.
It's free. It's easy. You just need some basic information. This class provides what you need.

Learn About TWITTER, the new social media networking tool for interacting with people from across the US & around the world.

Are you on Twitter? Do you want to be part of the fastest growing phenomenon in the world. Are you afraid you'll miss out?

Learn the basics of how to present yourself...the kinds of things to say and what never to reveal.

Have fun! Visit & be social, while being visible to people who may be interested in what you have to offer.

I started watching Twitter in mid 2008. I have been tweeting for more than a year. ONE BIG FRINGE BENEFIT to using only 140 characters to express a thought is you learn to GET to the POINT. To be CONCISE.

I've taken classes on Twitter here in Houston. I've purchased & read books. I've taken online classes & teleseminars.  I've spent a LOT of time and MONEY learning how to make Twitter work, because I believe the potential is HUGE. I learn something new every day. I'll share the most important details with you, so that you can begin with a plan to make Twitter work effectively for you.

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Ann Bell's "An Artist's Guide to Marketing with Twitter" will help you develop your strategy for using Twitter to bring more people into your circle of friends, increase your fame and get more people interested in your art.

This is a self-study class. It includes an illustrated instruction book and an audio CD.

You can use the "Register" button to purchase the Book and audio CD recording of the class for only $45.

Instructor: ANN BELL                281-330-3827

Where: in the comfort of your own home or studio.

  • Learn what Twitter is about
  • Learn why it's so popular
  • Understand what subjects can bring you collectors & friends
  • Learn what subjects to avoid
  • Learn what NEVER to reveal
  • Learn where & how to find people you already know on Twitter
  • Learn how to find other people who share your interests.

After this class you will

  • Understand the best name to choose
  • Know how to write an effective bio
  • Know how to prevent undesirable people from following you
  • Know when to "unfollow" someone
  • Know how to find & follow people whose example will teach you
  • Be able to connect with artists all over the world.
  • How to put one of your paintings or photos on your Twitter page
  • How to begin building your connections using Twitter

Twitter is free to use. You will pay no fees to participate.
You might be able to figure twitter out on your own, or you might not.

More likely, you'll spend lots of time doing the wrong things and give up when you don't get any results.
This class will make Twitter simple, fast & easy for you.

This is a BEGINNING Twitter class. I am keeping it simple...just the beginning steps...the things you can easily do now.

If your time has ANY value, this class will save you money because
I'll teach you how to maintain your Twitter presence in small bits of time, not hours.

IF your time DOESN'T have any value, you need the PRICING information from my Business of Art class.

This class is helpful to all artists--from beginner to expert.
It will remove the mystery that surrounds Twitter.

This class includes

  • A clear explanation what Twitter is about

  • Examples of how people are using Twitter to increase their reputation & their income

  • Guidance in planning a strategy that will make tweeting well worth your time

  • Clear written guidebook with screen shots for you to follow in setting up your Twitter account.
    It includes a link to a video that you can watch online to see the process step by step.

  • Answers to all your questions

  • Help after the class if you have questions as you move forward

Or email artist@AnnBell


Get the information! Use it in the comfort of your own home or studio. Refer to it repeatedly as you take action.
Listen to the audio CD on any CD player, even the one in your car.

You can use the "Register" button to purchase the Book and CD recording of the class for the same price of $45. I

I feel so strongly about the value of this information that I will pay the postage out of my own pocket.

If you live in Texas, Paypal will add the Texas sales tax.

You can use Paypal & pay with your credit card online by clicking this button and checking out through Paypal.


If you want to order the Book and CD for $45, you may  use the Register button above to pay. I will mail your information via Priority Mail within 48 hours of your payment.

If you prefer to pay with a check, please include the sales tax if you live in Texas and mail your check (payable to Ann Bell) to:

Ann Bell
2711 Main St. #114
Houston, Tx. 77002

I am not in my studio every day. So if you mail a check, please email me that you are sending it, and allow a little extra time.

I will mail your book & CD with 48 hours of the time I have your check, but I may not get it until the day after it arrives.



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