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Luscious Layered Backgrounds Workshop

Tuesday, June 14, 10 AM - 2:30 PM

For all levels from beginner to advanced.

Instructor: ANN BELL                281-330-3827

Where: Ann’s Studio at 2711 Main St. in Midtown Houston

  • Small class…5 student maximum.
  • $85 fee includes my instruction and help, all supplies & use of my tools in my wonderful light-filled studio

Ann Bell's Luscious Layered Backgrounds workshop will open an exciting new window
into your creativity. (This workshop was previously called Succulent Surface Design & Painted Paper Class.)

Experiment with new painting techniques, loosen up and create exciting backgrounds for your paintings.

All of these techniques work on both canvas and paper. You can use them to create exciting backgrounds for your paintings or you can use them to turn tissue paper, drawing paper or other stray papers into beautiful, richly colored & textured art papers for dozens of creative applications. Learn to make rich surface designs & use them any way you can imagine.

I will provide all materials for you to use in class. We will be working on paper.

I've just purchased a collection of vintage dictionaries & encyclopedias to use in my collage classes.
If you want to paint on these & have the wonderful thin paper,
with vintage text & illustrations peeking through the paint, for your own collage projects , I'll share!
If you prefer to paint on canvas, you may bring one or purchase one in Art Supply
on your way in to my studio.

Some of the advantages of learning these techniques for painting paper (and fabric) are

  • Choose your own color scheme
  • Choose the motifs you want
  • Choose the weight paper
  • Know that the colors won't fade
  • Have fun
  • Save money
  • Beginners will learn a lot of painting techniques.
  • Advanced painters will expand their knowledge substantially.
  • You can use these same techniques in your paintings, for backgrounds...or to add interest in abstract painting.

Your painted paper will be as unique as you are.

WebTurqJPaintedPaper.JPG (141615 bytes)             WebMultiColorPage.JPG (150167 bytes)           WebRedPage.JPG (171219 bytes)

This class will turbo-charge your imagination. These papers use simple painting, transfers & spritz.
If you are an experienced painter, you will recognize that each has several layers of paint.
If you are a beginner, rejoice in knowing that in this class you will learn to layer paint for exciting, beautiful results.

Learn how to create wondrous backgrounds for your paintings. Learn how to paint your own papers for any art project. Use these techniques on paper or canvas.

  • Collage
  • Journal
  • Cards
  • Scrapbooks
  • Hand-made books
  • Giftwrap

 Making your own papers offers countless advantages over purchased papers:

  • You can choose your own color schemes.
  • You incorporate your own motifs & subjects.
  • Your paper is unique to you…no one else will have the same paper.
  • You will know that it is lightfast, archival & permanent, because you have used your art materials.
  • You enjoy a feeling of satisfaction from producing beautiful paper.
  • If you are a new, inexperienced artist, this class provides an easy backdoor entry to artmaking,
  • You will learn to use a variety of unusual artmaking tools.
  • You'll save money...the most expensive part of your painted paper is the paper (rice, drawing or tissue paper)

We will use over a dozen tools & techniques including
stamps, stencils, found objects, rollers, all types of brushes, glazes, sgraffito, lifts, ghost images and more.

You can try everything, tools and colors, to see which you prefer.
If you decide you want to buy something, you'll know how to use it and that you will use it.
(I do not sell supplies, but they are available in Art Supply.)

Step-by-step demonstration & explanation will get you started.

All confusion will disappear.

This class is helpful to all painters--from beginner to expert. BECAUSE:

  • I design my classes to be fun, suitable & useful for both beginners & advanced artists by
    beginning with clear, simple demonstration, stimulating the imagination with examples,
    inspiring everyone to work in new ways.

  • I provide individual help as each person wants it. Small class size allows this personal attention.

  • I provide all materials used in my classes, so everyone has access to the paints, mediums & all other supplies without needing to buy everything. This encourages experimentation with new supplies & new ways of working.

  • Playing with new materials, new ideas & new ways of working is a powerful stimulant for creativity.

You will enjoy your day working in my glorious light-filled studio as you increase your knowledge & stretch the boundaries of your creativity...whether you are an experienced painter or an absolute beginner!

This class will remove all mystery about painting your own paper, through the use of

  • Demonstrations

  • Answers to all your questions

  • Hands-on practice with the painting processes

  • Opportunity to handle and paint on papers of different weights

You'll see, learn (and understand)

  • How to use a variety of tools (brushes, stamps, stencils, knives, & more) for variety and effect

  • How the choose the best paper for your project

  • How to choose color schemes based on the mood you want to convey

  • More than you can possibly imagine

  • And you'll paint.

I'll share my knowledge, my supplies, my wondrous, light-filled studio, and the music that inspires me.

You'll enjoy a day of creative play and inspiration.

After a recent class, I received this email from one of the artists in class:
"Ann, I enjoyed taking this class.  When I got home I was a little disappointed in what I had produced.  I started playing with the papers I made in class.  I tore them up and pasted  on other sheets.  Did some thin over painting.  Painted on a few subtle branches and vines and ended up with two of the most beautiful paintings I have ever done.  So pretty that after I turned the lights out to go to bed, I turned them back on just to look again.  One is soft and mostly pink with lavenders and greys, the other is strikingly different.  It is bright red, with green and gold.  Has an Asian feel.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what your class helped me to do. 
Sincerely, Judy Dekan"

Another artist came for three days of classes. After she returned home, she wrote:
"As a secondary art teacher and an artist, I have never felt more artistically free. The last three days pulled the creativity that has been waiting inside of me yearning to be released. Ann, thank you so much for exciting my innermost artist and giving me the courage to fully delve into the artist I can and should be. I can't wait to play with you again!!!!!"
Candis Oberdorf, Rogers High School Art Teacher & Cheer Sponsor

Choose whether to paint samples, so you can experiment with all of the techniques, or use the techniques you like best to create a single work of art...or two.

Treat yourself to a generous serving of CREATIVITY!
This is more than a's a creative experience
and a real treat for your inner child...(you know, the one who lives hidden in your heart.)

Only $85. for the class,
including the use of my paint, paper, brushes and other tools.
You do not need to bring anything, except your lunch. I'll supply everything else.

To reserve your space, call Ann Bell    at   281-330-3827

Or email artist@AnnBell

The fee for this class is only $85, including supplies.

You can use Paypal to register and pay online by clicking this Register button and checking out through Paypal.

I am PayPal Verified. Official PayPal Seal

My studio is small and class size is limited. If your plans change, and you want me to move your registration to a different class, please notify me by phone at least 24 hours in advance of the class to release your reserved space to another student.

If you simply do not show up, you will have "used" your reservation.

Houston artist Ann Bell is a painter whose tranquil landscapes encourage a closer connection with nature. Bell has a wealth of tools and techniques available to filter though her own experience and vision, enabling her to create memorably unique paintings. She has been a full-time professional artist for over 30 years, showing and selling her paintings through galleries, juried shows, festivals, and her own studio. Her work can be found in private collections throughout the United States and worldwide. She is the author of the forthcoming book 101 Ways to Increase Your Creativity, Reduce Your Stress & Have More Fun.

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Painted Paper Sample     

JoyforJoyCARDSm_web.JPG (31407 bytes)
Card made from Painted Paper 
PaintedPaperJournalSm_Web.JPG (33874 bytes)
Journal Cover with Painted Paper & Collage

Once you have your own personal painted papers, you will use them in dozens of ways, limited only by your own imagination. Collages and cards are just the beginning. You can make or decorate scrapbook pages, cover boxes, lampshades, portfolios, mats and more. You can also use these techniques in your paintings, on paper or on canvas.

How will you use your painted papers? The ways are unlimited. The more you work with your papers, the more ways your imagination will suggest to use them.

If you come with an idea or theme in mind, I'll have tools and ideas to help you develop and refine it...or you'll draw inspiration from my studio and collection of papers, tools and images.

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