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Painting is Fun! You can learn to paint if you really want to learn. I can teach you.


You dream of being an artist, but you're afraid to allow yourself to dream.

Perhaps you've taken a class...or even a few classes.

Perhaps you've bought painting books & tried to follow the exercises, but none of your attempts look like the examples.

Or maybe you haven't tried because someone told you that you have no talent.

Whatever has stopped you from pursuing your dream, the end result is that you feel unhappy and empty...uncreative and disappointed... isolated from your dream.

I have helped many frustrated dreamers transform into artists.
They now enjoy creating beautiful paintings.

I can help you transform from dreamer to artist.

Call me to schedule your first lesson. Ann Bell 281-330-3827.

Interview with Ann Bell from Ann Bell on Vimeo.

Read what one student said after her first class.

Do you cherish a secret desire to paint?

Private lessons can make your dream come true. Just a few hours of personal instruction from me can transform you into a real artist.

Just a few hours of private instruction will enable you

  • to mix your colors
  • experience the joy of painting
  • relieve stress
  • get in touch with your own creativity
  • feel like an artist
  • create paintings you can enjoy to personalize your home
  • amaze your family & friends (Most people just dream.
    They will be amazed that you are actually taking action.)

How many lessons will you need?
That depends on how much time & effort you put into painting between lessons.
You will be able to see your improvement.
You bring your work each time you come. I'll answer all your you why and what to do differently if your results didn't please you.

You do not need to commit to any particular number of lessons or any frequency. The choice is yours.

Are you ready to arrange your first private lesson?
Choose length of your lesson & click button below.
Lessons begin not later than 5:30 PM weekdays.
Sometimes I can teach a private lesson on Saturday at 3 PM. 
You can choose the length of lesson you prefer. The shopping cart window will open.
If you want more than one lesson, you can come back & add another one.
If you want to change the length of your lesson, you can remove the lesson from the cart,
and come back & select another length lesson. Be sure to finish checking out through PayPal.
You do not need a PayPal accont.

Length of Lesson

I will contact you to arrange your lesson within 24 hours of receiving your payment. Usually the time will be just a few hours.

If you want to purchase a Gift Certificate for someone, please use THIS button (below).
It adds Priority & confirmation fee of $5.65. I will mail you a gift certificate.
OR you can request me to mail it to the lucky recipient.

Gift Certificate for Private Lesson: Choose length

If you have questions, you are welcome to call me at 281-330-3827 or

Did someone you trusted discourage your early efforts?

Did they tell you that you had no talent? You believed them and tried to forget your dream of being an artist. But perhaps that dream still lives within your heart.  Do you secretly wonder whether you could still learn to paint--EVEN if you have no talent.

( IS possible that the "no talent" assessment was wrong, but that is a different issue.)

Rest assured that talent is insignificant next to the DESIRE to paint. Painting comes from the heart.

ANYONE can learn to paint if these 3 important elements are present:

  • A real desire to learn is the most important ingredient.
  • A patient teacher is almost as essential.
  • Time spent practicing/painting is the third essential element.

Looking at art is healing...the process of making art is even more so.
Anyone can experience great joy through "playing" with paint.
The quiet painting process reduces stress.
It is used in hospitals to aid healing.
Psychologists recommend it to reduce stress.

Producing a painting anyone else likes is NOT necessary, although you will probably be surprised at how much your family & friends will like your paintings if you choose to share them.

If you want to learn to paint, I can help you with PRIVATE PAINTING LESSONS,  focused on you and what you desire to paint. Would you like to know my thoughts about teaching you to paint?

Many of my private students are women who have raised their children and now deserve to focus on themselves. And still "family demands" continue to claim their time. Rest assured that I realize how precious our time together is. I promise to teach you as much of what you want to know as I possibly can in the time we are together. I will help you find ways to incorporate your art into your daily life, without ignoring your "duties." And you will see your paintings improve.

Other students are:
          Busy Professionals
          Individuals who travel and cannot commit to regular weekly classes
            Employed individuals who have freedom to arrange their day  

Other students, from private classes & from my one day workshops, share how they feel about my classes.

Are you ready to take action to realize your dream of painting?

Call me at 281-330-3827 to arrange your FIRST private class. Our time together will focus on you and what you want to learn. You will be pleased at how much I can teach you in just a few lessons. You will have fun, reduce stress, and explore a new window into your creative self. The cost is surprisingly affordable. I supply all of the materials for your first class. If you decide to continue,
I will help you choose the supplies you need.

We will use watercolor or acrylic paint. You may choose which you prefer. You may even try both to experience the difference. Both are odorless and non-toxic. Both dry quickly. Clean-up is easy with soap and water. I provide supplies for your first class.

If you painted long ago, but fear you have forgotten what you knew, you might be pleasantly surprised at how much you would remember with only a few lessons.

  • If you have unfinished paintings from a workshop you took--and not knowing how to finish them has caused you to lose your confidence--I can help you finish the paintings, even if the reference material has been lost.
  • If you stopped painting when family duties claimed your time and now you are having difficulty starting again, a few private classes can help you reconnect with your lost creativity.

Every human is creative. Anyone can learn to paint for enjoyment. The tangible reward is being able to adorn your home with your very own paintings. The intangible rewards are much greater.

...and it's fun!

I look forward to helping you realize your creative dream.


Read what one student said after her first class.

P.S. Talent is not an issue. Desire is essential. I can teach you to paint if you want to learn.
Here's how I approach teaching art to individual adult students...perhaps you!

The more you paint, the more confident you will become. I teach to share knowledge and empower my students. I'll teach you what you need to know in order to be able to paint by yourself for enjoyment. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you will learn with my personal help.

I do not know anyone who has learned to paint from a book, although once you can paint, you can learn techniques from a good instruction book. (Ironically, the better you can paint, the more you can learn from a book. So don't discard the book...Once you learn the basics of painting, the books you've bought can expand your knowledge.

P. P. S. If you want to create a special painting for your own home, I can help you design the painting and begin it. You will leave class knowing how to continue on your painting. When you need more help, another lesson can give you the information necessary for you to continue. A beginner should not expect to create a painting that looks like it was done by someone with years of experience. But the fact that it is yours counts for a lot. If you are NOT happy with the end result, schedule another class and bring your painting. I will help you decide what it needs and I will help you FIX it. You will learn by doing.





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